June 4, 2018

Consulting & Crisis Management

Consulting & Crisis-Management:




Equity 1000 loves finding creative solutions and improvements to implement an innovative strategic plan that is not just limited to properties, but offered to existing businesses and start-ups of various types. While Equity 1000's primary focus is on real estate, the entrepreneurial passion for growing and creating fascinating businesses and ideas will always spark interest, especially if the opportunity can create cash flow and help others across any and all spectrums of society simultaneously. The teams' assistance can range anywhere from strategic planning and implementation, to referrals of key resources depending on a clients goals and needs.

Crisis Management

Equity 1000 does not need to be involved from the beginning, and is happy to assist with turning around underperforming assets, developments/repurposing, and complete crisis management. With a proven and positive track record of saving numerous businesses and tenants from not only going out of business, but also helping them stabilize and thrive beyond their original goals. Which in return has resulted in many stable long-term tenants for properties, happy business/portfolio owners, and future investors for syndication opportunities.


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