May 31, 2018


The Equity 1000 team focuses on high margin deals with a preference on quality results versus the quantity of transactions. Equity 1000 has the technical background to effectively and efficiently add octane into all aspects of operations and turnarounds utilizing decades of experience and knowledge gained through performance contracting, advising, and syndicating both commercial real estate and businesses. The teams' focus revolves around two primary services in syndicating commercial real estate and businesses with significant growth and/or savings potential.

Commercial real estate opportunities are currently focused on industrial/flex, office, retail, and multifamily assets that have significant value add upside or have high utility and operational expenses. While Equity 1000 focuses on syndicating opportunities, the team also provides advisory services for property owners that need assistance with efficiency improvements and/or tenancy, as well as complete turnarounds for distressed or dormant assets.

Business opportunities are chosen based on the potential uplift of the company and subject market. With services available from limited consulting for resources and strategies to more hands on board of advisor roles, the team can find a way to help grow your business. The preferred opportunities revolve around a potential roll up of competitors or supplementary markets through strategic M&A plans.

Equity 1000 is a performance based company who receives equity or profit participation in properties/businesses for the significant increase to cashflow and values ('in lieu' of stacking up fees and salaries like other companies). Thus, aligning Equity 1000's compensation with the bottom line, creating synergistic goals and priorities with that of the capital partner/property or business owner. Creating a more aggressive approach to turnarounds that increase the success and shorten the cycle time of every opportunity.

Equity 1000 prides itself on achieving results greater than industry standards, and thrives on innovation to improve upon the ‘status quo’. The core values of Equity 1000 revolves around integrity, candor, and over-achieving.