May 31, 2018

About Us


What is Equity 1000?

Equity 1000 is a private equity firm that syndicates commercial real estate and business opportunities with the sole mission of increasing the bottom line and value of each opportunity. The teams' focus revolves around large margins and quality results versus the quantity or size of transactions, and utilize their biggest strengths to consistently and reliably achieve above industry average results in record time.

Why Choose Equity 1000?

Equity 1000 will create higher returns and induce less risk than most private equity companies by focusing on core expertise across horizontal market, versus spreading itself thin and adding layers of management to provide a complete A-Z service across vertical markets. Equity 1000 is also performance based, therefore it has no salaries to maintain or layers of fees that reduce returns, providing an advantage over large management/salary filled companies.


Where is Equity 1000 Located?

Equity 1000 specializes in the Arizona market, as it is one of the fastest growing states in the country. With people leaving major places such as Chicago, New York, California, etc. to live in Arizona where it’s affordable and has 300 days a year of sunshine. Phoenix is currently the 5th largest city, and is beginning its journey to become one of the largest cities in the country. Making value add properties a lucrative investment as their valuations grow exponentially along side the city’s economy. The team will also provide services to other markets on a case by case basis.

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